Web Brief

Web briefs can come from anywhere. We actually don't need as much information as people may expect. With over 20 years experience in a variety of businesses for the purposes of business consultancy and extensive knowledge of the Internet we are able to very quickly determine the right solution for your business and users.

If you are looking to send us a brief to quote there are some very simple and very basic questions we need answers to.

We can even send you client brief form we use and is available for purchase in pad form from www.planpads.co.uk.

Or alternatively you can fill in our client brief form online and that will give us all we need to quote and plan your website solution.

A lot of people have great difficulty in explaining what they want from their website solution, consequently we are regularly asked to visit and discuss you requirements face to face.

With clients all over UK and Europe that makes it virtually impossible for us to achieve and any travel costs would have to be borne by the client. The simple fact is, you don't need to see us.

All websites are organic, that means that they grow and mutate the more you use them and the more you realise what your visitors are trying to get from your website.

For that reason, the questions we ask on the client brief is literally all we need to know. We evaluate the market, competition and user type as a result of the information you give us and that enables us to create the best options for your website.

If you have your own designs, then please submit them to us. But don't be surprised if we make a number of change suggestions.

We take your initial enquiry and we respond with costs and recommendations based on the briefing form. That is submitted with a Pro-Forma invoice for you to decide on whether or not to progress.

After you have accepted our finalised brief we ask for a minimum payment of 40% up front.

Once the brief has been formalised and payment received the strategy build can commence.