We design and develop Joomla templates both for bespoke design requirements and also on spec for based on rough guidelines.

In addition through our sister site www.solutionsmode.co.uk we now offer a joomla template design club which gives access to a number of different design aimed at specific business models and generic base designs suiutable for customisation.

Unique bespoke design just for youBespoke Joomla template design -

  • £795.00 Including design and development. Includes setup and initial content suggestions and incorporates standard extensions and plugins suitable to your project.

Simple solutions done well.

The process is simple

1Submit your quotation request using our quotation tool

2Read and approve our brief ( we will give you timescales)

3Pay the non-refundable deposit of just 40% of the final value

4We provide the initial design and a review guide

5Accept or reject the design giving reasons if appropriate - we accept 3 rejections

6After approval the development will normally take 1 week to complete depending on scope of project.

7Pay the remaining balance

See - simple.

For more details about our Joomla template design services please contact us using the contact form or the quotation tool.