Joomla Specialists - Mode Solutions

Joomla is a complex but easy to use Content Management System. It is also Open Source which means it is free to use and develop.

Any developments made on the Joomla framework should, under the open source rules, be then made to be available free of charge to other Joomla users.

As Joomla Specialists we have been working with the framework since its creation and evolution from the previous Mambo solution.

supportI would like to think it makes us experts in the Joomla framework, but the beauty of Joomla is that there is something new being developed and added to it on a daily basis. The extensions and components that make up a Joomla installation are often so diverse that they can be bewildering and also, in some cases, self defeating.

Specialist Joomla developers like Mode Solutions are able to separate the framework from the development and this allows us to analyse and repair most Joomla installations.

If you have an installation and require the services of a Joomla Specialist then please contact us for a quotation. Our standard working fees are £35 per hour usually regardless of work carried out. You can also order work to be done from our support site