Web site repair and upgrade services.

It is not uncommon for many web site owners to find themselves in a position where for whatever reason the original site provider finds they are unable to provide the support necessary for their Joomla website installation.

Mode Solutions is proud to be able to offer a full and complete Joomla repair service where we can upgrade your Joomla installation, repair malfunctioning components and modules, upgrade your version and improve the overall functionality of the website.

Regardless of what some web developers may say, Joomla is still the best and most flexible CMS system available on the Internet today.

We have serviced over 200 clients in the last two years and our clients range from large blue chip organisation, local authorities, charitable organisations, public sector service providers, retail businesses, magazines, small independent businesses and personal pages.

Contact us to find out how we can transform your current web site project into a fully functioning and successful online entity.

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The most common response to a website hacking is to restore the site. Unfortunately that still means that our site is still open to hacking.

What we do is to recover, repair and secure your site as much as possible.

No site is immune from a dedicated and skillful Hacker. As a result we can' make any guarantees that you will not be hacked again but we can make it as difficult as possible for the Hacker.

Most hackers are opportunist in nature and will seek out and exploit known weaknesses in old Technology. Joomla has a good record on security, but needs to be kept up to date.

If you do need to use our services we can usually restore a site within a few hours and at minimal cost. As part of our repair service we update and patch security holes as much as possible for the Joomla version you have at present.

To fully secure your site you may need to migrate the website to the latest supported version and that will incur additional cost, but at least it becomes an option instead of a priority.