support servicesIn addition to Joomla and Magento we also provide a wide range of web development and web design services.

Instead of competing with other web development and web design agencies we try to work with other specialists in the industry to ensure that our clients receive the best expertise and service at the lowest possible cost.

Our ethic has always been centered around the fact that your website should be led by you and not your developer. For this reason we work to the principle of empowering you our client to gain full ownership of your website and its potential and use us as guide once your website is built.

Mode Solutions was started in 1989 as a web and IT consultancy company advising both public service organisations and businesses on all aspects of IT and in particular the emerging Internet.

Maurice Byford who is the founder and owner of Mode Solutions worked as an advisor for the DTI, Business Link and many other government initiatives in trying to make IT more accessible for smaller businesses in the UK.

Since then Mode Solutions has worked with a number of high profile public and private companies in establishing interactive and multimedia technologies into business and point of sale advertising and retail solutions exist directly through Maurice's involvement.

Web technology 10 years ago was the domain of the wealthy companies with many websites costing £10,000's for basic e commerce systems. Mode Solutions is proud to be at the vanguard to reduce the costs of ecommerce and help to lower the cost of web technology and make it more affordable for many companies to achieve more online with less.

It remains the policy of Mode Solutions today that technology should not be restrictive and Mode Solutions has developed tools and guides to aid companies and service providers to achieve more with less and make the whole of the Internet more accessible to many of the UK's SME's.

Now, in accordance with that drive, we are able to offer high class web solutions to businesses of all sizes. We still believe it is possible to compete with the blue chip companies with a little know how and determination.

Maurice Byford also developed the E-Eyes concept that has been featured in The Times and Financial Times newspaper as the revolutionary way to compete online. This holistic approach to web strategy has resulted in small businesses being able to compete on equal terms with the household names.

In addition, such is the nature of the concept, that methodology is now available for free to other web developers and providers to achieve the same results and success.

Mode Soltuions now works very closely with Cohere Internet and shares many of its more diverse projects with Cohere. Cohere specialise in ebspoke and complex coding services together with standard web development. It is not uncommon for Cohere to help in Mode web development work and the reverse is often true. We do however, remain separate companies.